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Destination Weddings in Alsace

Celebrate your wedding in Alsace, a truly unique region, offering all you can dream of for an idyllic marriage in France. From charming medieval villages to larger cosmopolitan cities the selection of romantic wedding spots is endless!

Located at the border between France and Germany, Alsace has a rich history and a well-preserved architectural heritage.  This is a land that has changed hands between the two countries 17 times in 20 centuries.  At times very European, Alsace also prides itself on its unique traditions, language and cuisine.

Discover this lovely region as you follow the Rhine river meandering among quaint villages with their half-timbered houses.  Alsace is beautiful during all seasons of the year.  In the spring and summer bursts of colourful geraniums decorate the pretty facades in the villages.  In the fall the vineyards of the Alsatian ‘Route du Vin’ take on a golden hue.  Warm fall colours: orange, yellow and brown mix with the green and burgundy of the grape vines along the rolling hills of this wine region.  And Christmas time is truly spectacular in this area of France.  The Alsatians celebrate the festival of Saint Nicolas who brings candies and gifts to well-behaved children.  A special Christmas outdoor market is set up in the city of Strasbourg.  Here one can revel in the warmth of festive lights and music and enjoy a taste of local specialties: cinnamon cookies, soft pretzels and the famous ‘Kougelhopf’, a melt-in-your-mouth buttery brioche pastry.

You could celebrate your wedding in one of the charming historic villages such as Colmar, Riquewir or Hunawir.  Or you could opt for a more cosmopolitan ambiance in the capital city of Strasbourg.  Here you’ll have the choice among many beautiful churches and a spectacular cathedral.

For your wedding reception Alsace offers a wonderful culinary experience.  Fresh river fish, foie gras, ‘choucroute’ with Alsatian sausages are just some of the local specialties.  And of course the region’s delicious red, white and sweet dessert wines accompany these dishes perfectly.

Celebrate your special wedding day in the magical region of Alsace.