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To celebrate your wedding in Auvergne is to marry in the very heart of France.  The mountains that cover much of Auvergne offer the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.  Dotted throughout the lush countryside are hundreds of châteaux, Romanesque churches and quaint farms.

Tucked between forests and lakes Auvergne has something for just about everyone to discover.  History lovers will delight in the visit of the Château de Val built in the 15th century or the Château de Pesteils with its impressive keep and park.  Auvergne’s largest city, Clermont-Ferrand, overlooked by the impressive 1,400 meter-high Puy de Dôme, offers a variety of museums and churches to visit in addition to music festivals and weekly flea markets. Those who wish to discover the rich rural culture of the area will be astounded by the number of peasant houses, mills and farms that are so typical of the region. 

Your wedding reception in Auvergne will be punctuated by meals featuring the region’s food and drink!  In addition to wonderful dishes typical of the region like l’aligot (mashed potatoes with cheese) or la truite au lard (trout with ham), Auvergne produces delicious cheeses and wines.  You will love tasting the creamy cheese made around Saint Nectaire, the hard and tangy Cantal and the strong and fruity blue Fourme d’Ambert which has been produced in the region since the 7th century as well as the region’s many other cheeses.  Nothing accompanies these cheeses like a delectable glass of local Cahors or Beaujolais.

Discovering the region and its impressive peaks is a delight year-round.  The summer months are perfect for discovering Auvergne on foot, by horseback or by hot-air balloon.  Driving along the roads that snake around Auvergne’s hills you will pass through a patchwork of picturesque villages, remote monuments and secluded landscapes.  Be sure to pack a picnic for these excursions as you will be tempted to take full advantage of the breathtaking scenery that will surround you.       

As the seasons cool, resorts in the area offer alpine and cross country skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports for athletes of all levels.  A winter wedding in Auvergne is certainly a possibility! Many of these resorts are very family oriented, making Auvergne an ideal location especially if your wedding party includes a broad range of ages. 

Many are surprised to learn that Auvergne, located in the Massif Central, is home to the country’s largest volcano.  The first eruptions in Auvergne date back to twenty million years ago and the latest to date was around 7,000 BC. 

Today, these volcanoes bring mineral-rich water, rather than lava, to the surface.  The Romans took full advantage of the hot springs which fell into disuse during the middle ages.  Following Madame de Sévigné’s lead in the middle of the 19th century hundreds flocked to Vichy and the surrounding towns.  Emile Zola, Guy de Maupassant and others made the region a popular spot for the jet set seeking the healing properties of the waters. You too can take pamper yourselves at the spas to be found in Vichy or in charming towns like Evaux-les-Bains, Néris-les-Bains, Châtel-Guyon and many others.

Your marriage celebration in Auvergne, whether it be held in a regal château or in a more rural setting,  is bound to be a very special occasion.  Surrounded by the scent of a thousand pine trees and flowers, the sounds of the forest and hills, your ceremony will take on more than just a French accent in this magnificently beautiful region.