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Arrogantly jutting out to the ocean with its rocky inlets, forests, rolling hills, ponds and heather-carpeted moors Brittany is truly a land of legend and romance.  This region, which have inspired artists since the beginning of time provide the prefect setting for your romantic wedding in Brittany.

Whether you wish to hold your Brittany wedding celebration along the coast or inland, the region offers a plethora of original locations for your event.  You can easily combine your wedding with a longer stay in Brittany as there are literally hundreds of sites to explore and things to do.  Sailing, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling and long sandy beaches await you and your guests. 

On the northern coast of the peninsula towns like Saint Malo, once a pirate’s haven, and Dinard with its elegant 19th century villas and blue striped tents on its sandy beach will enchant you.  The rough, granite cliffs and expansive moors covered with heather define the northern coast of Brittany. An impressive array of granite forts, chateaux, manors and farms attest to the power and glory associated with the region in days gone by.  Long beaches with soft dunes and playful waves can be found hidden amongst these granite cliffs and forts.

Gauguin, Maurice Denis, Sérusier and other painters were lured to the southern coast of Brittany, to Pont Aven, at the end of the 19th century where they worked together in the shade of the fourteen windmills topping this seaside town.  To the south you will also find towns like Carnac which offer Breton charm and history in the form of prehistoric ruins combined with the sophistication of fine art galleries and boutiques.

Inland, you will find regions with magical names like ‘les montagnes noirs’, the black mountains and ‘le forêt de Brocélidande’.  Celtic Druids from Wales settled here, their influence is still felt today in the music and local language.  According to legend, this is the birthplace of Arthur and the knights of the round table.  It is said the forests here are inhabited by fairies.  It is easy to fall under the spell of the beauty of this land!

Justifiably proud of their unique history, their language and music, the Bretons are warm and welcoming and will love introducing you to local dishes, customs and folklore.  Plan your marriage celebration in Brittany around the dates of one of the region’s fest-noz (Breton for ‘night festival’) where you will discover first-hand Breton music and dancing while drinking cider and mead.  Throughout the night, ships docked at port from all over the world take part in the festivities and offer concerts on board.  This is just one wonderful way to discover the true soul of Brittany.

The cuisine of this region is a wonderful reflection of local trades and culture and a marriage reception in Brittany is going to be remembered for years to come. Fishing and agriculture continue to be viable industries in Brittany; almost half the fish eaten today in France come from active ports like Lorient, Concarneau, and Saint Malo.  Loirent was also the traditional port of call for ships sailing under the flag of the ‘Companie des Indes’ arriving from the far east.  While spices from these lands flavour dishes in Brittany today, simple dishes like cheese filled buckwheat crepes enjoyed with a mug of cider are typical fare in Brittany.  You will be enthralled with seafood platters piled high with oysters, prawns, snails, lobsters and crabs.  You will be thrilled with rich, buttery desserts to be found throughout the region.

Your special day in Brittany, amongst landscapes that seem to have been decorated by Merlin, will be unforgettable!  Your wedding will be surrounded by the magic and romance only a wedding in Brittany can promise.