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Champagne Ardenne

Destination Weddings in Champagne Ardenne

A toast to Champagne dreams and a wedding in the romantic Champagne region of France!  Incorporated into France in 1314 and held in the highest esteem throughout the world, this is a spectacular region and easily accessed from Paris via high speed train.

Champagne, originally meaning countryside, is approximately 90 kilometres east of Paris and is a magical site for your destination wedding in France.

Champagne is a land of rolling hills, great lakes and lovely valleys with flowing rivers and immense forests that are steeped in mystery and legend.  The special grapes grown in the region of champagne on the lower slopes of the Falaise are made into the famous sparkling wine known as Champagne.  The wine is fermented in the miles of ancient caves that are carved out of the chalk under Reims and Epernay.   The lofty views from the town of Epernay inspire dreams of ancient fairy tales. Wild life flourishes in the magnificent verdant forests surrounding the Champagne countryside.  Its lakes and rivers are a backdrop for every imaginable outdoor activity.  There is biking, boating, fishing, hiking, with the list being endless.  When in Champagne, don’t forget to visit the world renowned champagne houses and caves located within the stunningly beautiful towns of Epernay and Reims.  .

Reims formerly the second capital of Gaul, was where the coronation of French Kings took place; crowned in the magnificent Gothic Cathedral of Reims from Clovis in 496 until Charles the Tenth in 1825.  This beautiful city overflows with culture and offers the finest in Champenoise cuisine.  You must visit the Marché de St. Thomas where you can gather the finest and freshest local Terroir products and refresh yourself with a glass of ….what else…..champagne while snacking on the celebrated Rose biscuits. The entire region of Champagne is undergoing a culinary movement known as the Terroir movement which refers to the use of the finest and freshest ingredients coming from the local markets. You can also enjoy tours of the ancient champagne cellar caves and sample different types of names. A current local favourite is the Champagne Piper Heidsiek tour.  Or maybe you are keen to visit one of the local art galleries. Reims has lovely art galleries such as the FRAC Champagne-Ardenne which houses an impressive collection of modern art. 

Also don’t miss the charming capital of Epernay with its caves and festivals.  The medieval setting is a spectacular backdrop for your wedding pictures in Epernay. Nearby chateaux can host your wedding reception in Champagne country.  These castles are a haven of luxury and privilege; you will be surrounded by manicured lawns and deep forests.  Best of all, any of these locations can be enjoyed in under 1 hour from Paris!