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Couples celebrating their wedding in the Franche Compte will find themselves in the midst of one of Europe’s largest and best preserved regions, nestled among forests and meadows, hills and valleys.  Like a fairy tale, nearly half of the region is covered with thick forests, with a hundred deep lakes, countless waterfalls and streams surrounded by grassy valleys and wide meadows carpeted with wildflowers. Stretching from the plains of Burgundy to the west, Franche Comté reaches upwards to embrace alpine peaks to the south and east where it meets Switzerland.

For those looking to combine their wedding in France with the excitement of outdoor sports such as horseback riding, mountain biking, climbing, boating or skiing, the Franche Comté has plenty to offer.  Gentler souls looking to explore the region’s rich artistic or gastronomic heritage will equally enjoy their stay in Franche Comté.  This is a place where it is simple to combine such different activities such as learning to sail with wine tasting, shopping for local crafts with hang gliding. 

Once a part of the Holy Roman Empire and originally inhabited by a Celtic tribe called the Sequani, The Franche Comté was ruled for a long time by the Burgundians.  As the result of various marriages, the rule of Franche Comté passed to the Spanish branch of the Hapsburg family in 1493.  The Spanish allowed the residents of Franche Comté quite a bit of autonomy and the region prospered.  Louis XIV who was finally able to claim the territory of Franche Comté for France in the name of his wife, Maria Theresa in 1665.  The French began moving into the area during the 18th century.

Regional specialities will delight your guests during your marriage reception in Franche Compte.  With winter temperatures that can reach 20° below centigrade, warm concoctions like pot-au-feu de chèvre salée (meat and vegetable stew with goat cheese) or soupe de pois au lard (pea and ham soup) will hit the spot.  A wide range of cheeses like the morbier, comté and emmenthal are produced in the region.  Other regional specialities include absinthe and a rich white wine called ‘vin jaune’, one of Henry IV’s favourite drinks.

Dramatic cliffs, grassy slopes, clean lakes and streams await your discovery in Franche Comté.  During the spring and summer months you will love exploring the region on your own or with a guide by foot, bicycle, boat or on horseback.  You will fall in love with the brisk, dewy mornings, pine-scented afternoons, and fresh evenings. 

As summer cools the mountains take on a different aspect.  Green hills turn white and long summer evenings give way to skies whose dazzling display will enchant you.  This a winter-sport enthusiast’s dream come true!  A huge array of winter sports, from skiing to dog sleding can be found in the region.  Couples dreaming of a snow wedding in France should look no further than Franche Compte.  Wooden chalets dot the mountain sides; warm fires and mugs of mulled wine will welcome you after a fun-filled day outside.

Your wedding party will be welcomed year round at châteaux, manors and hotels of all sorts.   Let the beauty and grandeur of Franche Comté imbue your special day with a sense of wonder and romance.