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“Paris sera toujours Paris”. Since the beginning of time, Paris has always been the crossroads where philosophers, historians, politicians, scientists and lovers have exchanged ideas and created the world as we know it today.  While France is the country of human rights, Paris is the symbol of light, the capital of luxury, the centre of attraction of Europe. As you stand at the beginning of a new life with the one you love, celebrate this magical moment in the city that hosted so many turning events in history. A wedding in Paris will give this union a dimension uniquely French, a little je ne sais quoi that all will remember…

From the Eiffel tower to a medieval 12th century church in the heart of Montmartre, rejoice on the wonders of a gourmet reception at a three star restaurant, celebrate in Hemingway’s favourite haunt or cruise on a river-boat and or select from the hottest restaurants the city has to offer. Whatever your choice, from a small gourmet-style wedding to an extravagant reception in a palace in the heart of the city, we will make sure that this day will be remembered forever and every detail attended to.

A varied and special selection of the most famous, elegant and beautiful venues is at your disposal regardless of your budget. Our staff will assist you in finding the right fit.

The Marais, Bastille, The Islands

If you are planning to marry in Paris the Marais is one of its most picturesque quarters. The heart of the City of Lights is the old Marais area. While the name actually means swamp, the winding streets of this gentrified section of town are anything but dingy.

Start over near the Les Halles area, a former open air market now surrounded by restaurants and outdoor activities, then head down the famed Rue du Temple to the shopping streets of the Rue des Archives or the Rue des Francs Bourgeois and turn into the Rue des Rosiers, the heart of the old Jewish quarter. The air brims with history while the streets bustle with locals and tourists in the know.

At the far end of the Marais lies the Place des Vosges where the kings lived before heading out to Versailles. Imagine wedding photos taken surrounded by the red brick buildings where Victor Hugo wrote his masterpieces!

Off to the east is the Bastille area. A tall obelisk marks the spot where the famed prison once sat. Up behind the busy area is the Canal St Martin made famous worldwide by the Jean-Pierre Jeunet film Amelie. There’s also the landmark Hotel du Nord. A wedding weekend event topped off by a stroll down the languid canal is something that can’t be beat.

Just south of Bastille lies the Ile St Louis. Rife with small, intimate restaurants and grand views, the Ile St Louis is a perfect setting for a wedding of your dreams. Cozy, candlelit cellars serve as the ultimate in private partying!

And across the river from the Ile St Louis you can spy the flying buttresses of the Notre Dame cathedral. What more needs to be said?

A wedding reception in the Marais or Bastille offers every possible variety of options from elegant private palaces to temples of haute cuisine. 

Place Vendome, Champs Elysees

What could be more Parisian than a wedding in the ritzy Place Vendome? This could well be the most elegant square in Paris in its very center and adorned with high end shops and…the Ritz Hotel. A short walk away lie the Tuilleries gardens with their beautiful ponds and flowers which jut up against the world’s most famous museum, The Louvre.

A wedding destination extraordinaire, the Tuilleries provide the perfect setting for the perfect set of photos!  Hotels in the area offer wedding facilities fit for a king.

Up the Champs Elysees, Paris’ grandest boulevard, one can seemingly see forever. But some of the world’s best kept secrets lie off the Champs Elysees with wedding facilities for all kinds of celebrations.

Couples wishing to marry in Paris and be close to all of the most famous highlights should definitely consider this quarter; the selection of restaurants, hotels and ceremony options are some of the very best.

St Germain des Pres, the River Seine

On the world famous Rive Gauche sits the small village known as St Germain des Pres. Quaint streets, flower adorned balconies, well-dressed natives and an entirely homey feel make the area a little gem.

Elegant and intimate restaurants abound while the small hotels in the area are among the most sought out in town.

Just down from St Germain lies the River Seine. The boats that line the river are well-equipped for all your wedding needs. Jazz bands and cruises are available on vine laced decks where you and your guests can soak up the perfect sunset.