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Languedoc Château

Weddings in Languedoc-Roussillon

France is filled with both ancient and modern treasures to delight the mind and sooth the soul. Nowhere is this truer than in the nearly-forgotten and often-overlooked Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. The beautiful and tranquil Languedoc-Roussillon region is a true hidden treasure for weddings in France. Stretching along the Southeast coast of France, from the Spanish border almost all the way up to Marseilles, Languedoc-Roussillon is warmed by the breezes off the Mediterranean and offers lovers some of the most pristine and romantic coastline in all of Europe. Whether you are looking for the movie-like ruggedness of the Pyrenees Mountains along the border with Spain, or you want to stroll the beautiful beaches of Sete at sunset, you will simply fall in love with the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France.

In addition to its warm and temperate climate, Languedoc-Roussillon is known the world over for its fine wines and the quality of its local artisans. Whether you are shopping or simply enjoying one of the most romantic and peaceful spots in all of Europe, few places can compare with Languedoc-Roussillon.

The region, which hugs the Mediterranean coast like a warm, inviting blanket, is home to some of the most beautiful, scenic, and romantic places anywhere. Some of the larger cities and towns include Montpellier, Beziers, Perpignan, Narbonne, and Sete, as well as hundreds of quaint and romantic villages.

Languedoc-Roussillon was taken from the Spanish in 1659 and even today it retains much of its Spanish heritage. As you travel the region you will see red and yellow stripped Catalan flags flying everywhere, a colorful reminder that the region was once part of Spanish Catalonia. To this day many of the villages in the region still retain both their Spanish as well as their French name. In fact, many people in the region still speak Catalonian Spanish as their primary language, only speaking French as their second language.

While it is possible – and even desirable – to rent a car in order to fully explore Languedoc-Roussillon, you must make time for the scenic and picturesque trains which crisscross the region. There is everything from quaint two-compartment trains to modern high-speed trains. The small costal town of Sete is an excellent hub for many of the trains that cover the region.

There are many unique adventures and memories to be taken home from this almost forgotten region of France. For example, in the 2nd week of July the seaside town of Sete holds a jousting match unlike any other jousting match you have ever witnessed. Jousters stand in the bow of row boats and rowers frantically row the two boats together as the jousters try to knock each other out of their boat and into the water! And all the while a large brass band is playing while hundreds of supporters cheer on their favorite jousters. These colorful jousting tournaments run from mid July to mid September, and the finals of the match are so popular that all the roads must be closed for the final three days of the joust! Bands play and revelers have a wonderful time until well past midnight every night.

Further south and a bit inland is the beautiful town of Narbonne. While Narbonne seems like a large town, if you work your way into the center of town, which is the ancient medieval part of town, then the town seems to become smaller and more inviting. In fact, if you listen closely you can almost hear the clank of ancient swords still reverberating from the stone walls that were built hundreds of years ago by the mighty Roman Legions.

And what could be more picturesque and romantic than a stroll along Narbonne’s canals hand in hand with your lover? Many of the ancient locks of the canals have been in constant use for the past several hundred years.

There is so much to see and to do in Languedoc-Roussillon that you and your love could spend a dozen lifetimes here and never exhaust its beauty, its splendor, its mystery or its romance. If France calls to you as a wedding destination, you must give some thought to Languedoc-Roussillon, the forgotten and romantic coast of France.