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Celebrate your wedding in Limousin, a unique region of France full of contrasts and pleasant surprises.  Enjoy the enchanting lakes, rivers, hills, forests and wide open spaces not found anywhere else in France.  Limousin, with its variety of traditional festivals and local fairs in quaint villages is a land of friendly people who take the time to enjoy the small pleasures in life.

Your marriage in France could be celebrated in the Limousin capital of Limoges, birthplace of the painter Renoir.  Famous for its porcelain artistry, Limoges has a rich history and there are several historic sites that testify to its Roman and Gallic periods.  This city has been a pilgrimage destination for centuries and there is a lovely 9th century abbey that attests to the city’s importance.  As for wedding locations, the city boasts a remarkable cathedral, St-Etienne built between 1273 and 1520.  Among its many outstanding features is an octagonal Gothic bell tower typical of churches in this region.   If you prefer to marry in a more intimate setting then the 14th century Saint Michel des Lions would make a perfect church.  It has a 198 feet high tower and excellent 15th century stained glass windows.

Other attractive wedding destinations in the Limousin region include the pleasant cities Brive la Gaillarde and Tulle. In Brive la Gaillarde you can stroll along the Corrèze River at the junction of three French provinces : the Limousin, Perigord and Quercy.  Once the capital of the lower Limousin, Brive la Gaillarde has a lovely 12th century church, Saint Martin.  It combines Romanesque architecture with Limousin art works.  The city is famous for its foie gras and its excellent food market

Tulle is the perfect location for taking relaxing strolls in this beautiful region of hills and rivers.  Situated deep in the Corrèze valley, Tulle has an authentic medieval town center with its narrow streets and well restored houses.  Sites not to be missed include the Saint Martin Cathedral, the Cloister’s museum and the Renaissance mansions of Loyac.  One unique feature of Tulle is that it is the location of the only French company which still manufactures accordions.

But the Limousin offers many other splendid wedding destinations.  Aubusson, the capital city of tapestry, Saint Pantaléon-de-Larche with its impressive viaduct and dozens of small villages with stunning castles, prehistoric sites and art museums.

When choosing the Limousin as a wedding destination you are certain to fall in love with a secret part of France not yet discovered by tourists.  The genuinely friendly people, the excellent gastronomy and the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings combine to make Limousin an ideal location for celebrating weddings.