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For a truly unforgettable destination wedding in France why not choose the region of Lorraine?  With its rich mixture of cultural influences, Lorraine has been a major European crossroads for centuries.  The region offers a host of wonderful locations for wedding celebrations including castles and cathedrals, small villages and bustling cosmopolitan cities.  Couples planning to marry in Lorraine will discover a place where the art of good living includes friendliness and good cheer and makes the perfect setting for your marriage festivities.

Like its neighbour Alsace, Lorraine’s history is one of conquests and battles between rival nations.  From the start when the region was ruled by the Roman Empire, Lorraine has changed hands several times and today there are numerous architectural relics of these influences.  During the last two centuries the control of Lorraine has changed hands several times between Germany and France and many interesting monuments attest to this unique history.

With the blue hued Vosges mountains surrounding green fields, streams and rivers, Lorraine’s natural beauty is stunning.  Since the time of the Celts and Romans, millions have come here to take advantage of the curative powers of the natural springs of the Lorraine region.  Today there are several well known spas and health resorts which offer ample opportunities for rest and relaxation before and after your wedding.

If you’re looking for a place where wedding guests can enjoy outdoor activities Lorraine offers a wide variety.  Sailing, windsurfing and water skiing are available on the regions many lakes.  There are over 700 kilometers of navigable waterways here that attract boating enthusiasts.  For more restful outdoor entertainment Lorraine is famous for its trout, carp and perch fishing and you can observe many bird species at the region’s unique bird sanctuary.

When celebrating a wedding in Lorraine couples can discover the rich cultural heritage of this region when visiting the impressive selection of tourist sites.  Castles and ducal palaces abound throughout the region.  Don’t miss the chance to visit them in Nancy, Epinal, Grange, Sierck les Bains, Rodemack, Châtel, Blâmont and Fléville.  You can also see the house of Joan of Arc in the town of Domrémy.  Also of interest in Lorraine is the headquarters of crystal artisans in Baccarat.  Visit the crystal museum housed in a castle to learn about this craft and why not pick your crystal wedding pattern as a souvenir?  Baccarat features a modern art church with stained glass windows created by the Baccarat crystal artists.

The two major metropolitan centers in Lorraine are Nancy and Metz and both cities make idyllic wedding destinations. 

Nancy, the ancient capital of Lorraine’s dukes, offers stunning architecture, beautiful churches and a thriving cultural life with its many popular cafés, museums and schools.

The main square in Nancy, the Place Stanislas, was constructed in the mid 18th century following the orders of the Duke of Lorraine who wanted to honour and glorify his son-in-law, Louis XV of France.  One of the most well known French royal squares, the Place Stanislas is classical in style and houses the City Hall, The Opera House and the Fine Arts Museum.  For wedding locations in Nancy, couples have the choice between the 15th century Cordeliers church, the Gothic revival style Basilica, the 17th century baroque Notre Dame de Bon Secours or the 18th century Cathedral.  The Cathedral features statues of the Virgin Mary from the 15th century and a stunning painted cupola.

The city of Metz also makes a lovely wedding destination in the Lorraine region.  This city, whose nickname is now the City of Light, has created a remarkable program of illuminations which highlight its magnificent ancient buildings.  A stroll through this city feels like a journey through the centuries.  There are traces of the Roman era such as the Saint Pierre aux Nonnains church built in the 4th century.  Later, Metz was home to the Carolingian dynasty and revered throughout the world as an artistic and cultural center.  A romantic stroll through the city will include such lovely spots as the Place Saint Louis, Place de la Comédie, and the Palais de Justice.  The jewel of Metz is without a doubt the St Etienne Cathedral, an idyllic setting for getting married.  At day one is in awe of the exquisite details of this Gothic Cathedral : stained glass windows, flamboyant Gothic and Renaissance windows and a 15th century crypt.  At night the Cathedral takes your breath away with the fabulous illumination of its facades.

Wedding receptions in the Lorraine region give couples the opportunity to enjoy some of the delicious local specialties.  There is the world famous Quiche Lorraine of course.  But there are also the lovely Madeleine de Commercy cakes, tarts made with the local cherry plums, local cheeses and fine white wines.

For couples who choose to celebrate their wedding in Lorraine during the month of December there is the added pleasure of the Saint Nicolas Day festivities which attract visitors from all of Europe.  Huge outdoor Christmas markets offer local culinary specialties and gift shops.  There are music, parades and fireworks, all creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

Make Lorraine your French wedding destination for its many cultural attractions, beautiful landscapes, astounding churches and castles and the sincere friendliness of its people.