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Destination Weddings in Avignon

If Aix-en-Provence is the baroque treasure of Provence, Avignon is the medieval and historic center of the region. Its ideal location on the banks of the Rhone River has given the town richness and beauty. Avignon is a truly exceptional site for your destination wedding in Provence. The medieval setting is an enchanting backdrop for your wedding pictures.

The city of Avignon is known as the city of the popes and a major artistic center of France; it is an immaculately preserved medieval town with impressively decorated buildings, ancient churches, chapels and convents offering a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and unique hotels. A picturesque village with a royal history and high-fortified ruins full of history, life, youth, art, music and activity what a perfect atmosphere for your Provencal wedding.

Avignon's architecture is marked by its papal history. The Palace of the Popes, built in the 14th century, was the longtime capital of the Christian world. Considered the largest, most beautiful and most perfect example of Gothic architecture, it is known as the Gothic palace of Europe.  The Palace of the Popes is a truly exceptional site for a destination wedding in Avignon. Just imagine how special it would be to exchange your wedding vows in unparalleled splendor, in the grandest of style.  As you stand among its historic laden stone walls, you will easily imagine the kings and emperors who once attended the great ceremonies and the fabulous receptions. Truly a wedding fit for royalty!

The city's old town is interlaced with narrow streets, belfries and towers surrounded by magnificent ramparts. The ancient streets, the private mansions and their courtyards, the renovated facades will all charm you! One of the most elegant streets is the rue Joseph Vernet, adjacent to the Calvet museum and the Requien Museum. Don't miss the Antiquaire Quarter, the Place de l'Horloge or the Chemin de Ronde which will take you to the Rocher des Doms. From the top of the ramparts you can understand why the site was chosen for a fort: Avignon stands high above the immense plains of the Rhône River and is the strategic point of the whole valley. No trip to Avignon is complete without seeing the remains St. Benezet bridge (made famous in the song "Sur le Pont d'Avignon"). It was built in the 12th century and was often damaged by raging floodwaters.

Avignon has a theater festival from late July to early August. During the Festival d'Avignon it is the place to be. Each year nearly 120,000 spectators come to discover new talent or admire those actors already known. The background of powerful history enhances these shows (dance, theater or music). Late at night when the shows are over, the terraces fill up with actors and spectators alike all creating a unique atmosphere found only in Avignon in the summer.

However, Avignon is not simply an historical and architectural jewel; it a living city, full of restaurants, cafes and bars. Avignon has a quiet pleasant pedestrian area with luxury shops, regional products, and Provençal arts and crafts.  At any town market, ask yourself if it's possible to improve upon the colorful displays of aubergines and artichokes, fennel, greens, tomatoes and asparagus. Or the endless varieties of cured olives and goat cheeses. The fruits are sensational, and the seafood couldn't be fresher.

Avignon is definitely food heaven. The food alone is reason enough to come and a wedding reception in Avignon is sure to highlight the city’s rich, culinary heritage.  Provence is one of the most gastronomically blessed parts of the world where the provocative quality of the region's produce is internationally known. For an unforgettable wedding feast, let Avignon's gifted chefs delight you and your guest with the sumptuous cusine du soleil, enhanced by its fine regional wines.