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Celebrate your wedding in the beautiful Pyrenees region of France, with its majestic mountains, ancient towns, castles and churches it makes an ideal wedding destination. 

Located in south-west France, the Pyrenees Mountains form a natural border between Spain and France.  The region stretches from the beaches of Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.  It features a breathtaking landscape of forests, ice-capped peaks, lush green pastures, rivers and crystal clear lakes.

For couples getting married in the Pyrenees there is a wide range of charming towns throughout the mountainous region, each with its unique and well preserved church.

Imagine the thrill of a Catholic wedding in the Pyrenees’ Immaculate Conception church at Lourdes, the second most visited place of pilgrimage after Rome.  Or choose a more intimate setting in a 12th century mountainside chapel.

The Pyrenees mountain range is divided into several different valleys, each one heading south from France into Spain and named after the river it follows.  The Aspe Valley has been a major throughway over the centuries for merchants, men of war and pilgrims en route from Spain.  The Ossau Valley, featuring pine woods and alpine pastures, is home to many farmers and producers of excellent sheep and goat’s cheeses famous throughout France.

Wedding locations abound on the Basque Coast section of the Pyrenees where the green mountain slopes descend to the rough Atlantic ocean.  Inhabitants of the Basque country are very proud of their cultural heritage.  The traditional Basque colors, deep green and red, are found throughout all of the villages.  Entire towns of houses whose woodwork is painted in these two colors create a charming and truly unique setting for visitors.

Historically this coast of splendid resort towns attracted the French aristocracy in the 19th and 20th century; today it is a very popular vacation destination for the jet set.  Biarritz and Saint Jean de Luz are just a couple of the towns in this region that offer luxury Art Deco hotels, highly acclaimed restaurants, romantic ports and beautiful beaches.

After your wedding ceremony in the Pyrenees take advantage of the numerous outdoor activities the region has to offer.  For those who enjoy mountain climbing, biking, kayaking, fishing and skiing, no where in France can you find such an array of outdoor sports.  And thanks to the region’s many rivers, there are several excellent spa resorts offering a full range of services to ensure your complete relaxation and pleasure during your stay.

A Pyrenees wedding reception celebration will allow you to enjoy the many gastronomic specialties of the region.  Delicious mountain cheeses, fresh water fish, free range meats and rich pastries make any meal memorable.  Be sure to take home some of the rare ‘piment d’Espelette’ hot red peppers used in Basque cuisine and sample a slice of ‘gâteau Basque’, a buttery cream or jelly filled cake.

Weddings in the Pyrenees region of France offer a perfect combination of pristine mountains, an abundance of outdoor activities, towns rich in historical significance and some of the most breathtaking scenery in the country.