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DIAMONDS If diamonds can make a woman's eye sparkle, then the guy handing it over to her would surely catch some of that glitter.




Since the Sixteen hundreds when diamonds became the precious stone by excellence, they have never lost their prima donna status.


The first diamonds are believed to have been mined in India at least three thousand years ago. The mines in the area surrounding Golconda, a now ruined city of South India that was capital of the ancient Kingdom of Golconda in the in the sixteen and seventeen centuries, were the only diamonds mines in the world at that time.


Many incomparable diamonds like the 182 carats Darya-ye Noor (that means Sea of Light), the Noor-ol-Ain (that means The Light of the Eye), the 105,6 carats Koh-i-Noor (that means Mountain of Light), the blue Hope Diamond, the Regent Diamond and many more come from those mines.


The modern diamond mining industry was born in the nineteen century, with the discovery of the South African mines, yielding about half of the world production. Russia, Canada, Brazil and Australia are good producers of the precious stone.


The art of cutting and polishing the rough stone has evolved and has been perfected during the centuries. Maximum reflection of the light has been achieved with the brilliant cut.


Give her engagement rings a piece of light, a piece of everlasting fire and ice that does not melt this coming Valentine day!