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French Wedding Packages

If you are planning a wedding or a honeymoon in France, you’ll want professional help and advice to make your trip and your once-in-a-lifetime occasion go as smoothly and as enjoyably as possible. No matter what your dreams are, France, the country of love, can fulfill those dreams and we can help.

Make your romantic dreams of France come true without stress, without worry.

Whether it is tying the knot within sight of the Eiffel Tower or saying “I do” in the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral, or whether it is wandering the old quarter looking for one-of-a-kind bargains, or simply staring in open-mouthed amazement at the masterpiece that is the Mona Lisa, we can not only help to make your dreams come true but we can take the stress and the worry off of your shoulders and allow you the luxury of enjoying your perfect day with no worries whatsoever.

Whatever your dream is, France has it and we can make it happen.

France has it all. From Paris, the City of Lights, where your special day can be anything from high-fashion chic to 50s Bohemian, or to the grand French countryside where you can find ancient castles steeped in French and European history, where every hand-worn stone has a story to tell, to the fabulous French Riviera where the rich and famous come to play, to the storybook castles, cuckoo-clocks, and gingerbread men of Strasbourg, every dream you’ve ever had about romance and love in France can come true.

If your dreams include fabulous food, world-renowned wines and champagnes, then you really must indulge your fantasies and enjoy the foods that have made France famous the world over.

And then there is the food! Imagine spending a romantic day strolling hand in hand down a cobbled street, surrounded by the sights and the sounds of France, when suddenly the clouds open and a soft, warm rain begins to fall. You and your lover duck into a small street café and sit for hours sipping rich, warm coffee and eating mouth-watering pastries while staring into each other’s eyes, oblivious to everything around you, while lost in your own world of romance. Memories like these await you in France. All you need to do is claim them.

Do your dreams include a romantic hot air balloon ride over the French wine country? How about skiing down the French alps, or sunbathing on the Riviera and swimming in the sparkling blue Mediterranean? Or is a carriage ride through the cobbled streets of Paris by moonlight what you’ve always wished for? It’s all here, in France, waiting for you. Making your dreams come true is easier than you think.

Seize the day! Make your dreams happen before it is too late.

Don’t wait another day! If France has been your dream then live your dream before it is too late. Life has a way of slipping by and leaving our dreams behind. Don’t let that happen to you. Seize the day. Make it happen. Romance and love await you in the fabled country of France.