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How to get married in France

Surprisingly, France, the country renowned throughout the world for love and romance, makes getting married in France somewhat of a chore – although we can help make all of the arrangements and take all of the stress and worry off of your shoulders.

Being married in France, one of the most romantic countries on earth, is the dream of thousands of couples from all over the world. And with a little planning, fulfilling your wedding dreams can be the most romantic and happy day of your life. The trick is to know the rules and to follow them carefully.

The first thing you must know is that religious marriage ceremonies are not recognized under French law. Religious ceremonies are very common in France, but before a priest or a rabbi or a minister or any other religious official may perform a marriage ceremony, the couple must have had a civil wedding at a town hall. In addition, the couple must present their civil marriage certificate.


Weddings in France may not be performed at an Embassy or a Consular office. All marriages must be performed at a French city hall. There are no exceptions.

If you are not a citizen of France but wish to marry in France, you should be prepared to show the civil authorities several documents. First you will need your passport or your French residence permit. You will also need a newly acquired birth certificate. You will need to have a French lawyer draw up documents attesting to your right to marry and you will need a certificate of celibacy.

You will also need a medical exam by a French doctor, plus you will need to prove your 40 days of residency in the district where you will be married. Two proofs of residency will be required; the proofs can be a phone bill or a water bill or similar proof.

Keep in mind that any documents that are in English must be translated into French by an officially recognized French translator. Also, since most ceremonies are conducted in French it may be necessary to have a French translator at the ceremony as well.

While it may seem a bit cumbersome, getting married in France need not be a chore. Professional help in complying with marriage laws can make your marriage as happy and as joyous as you always dreamed it would be. And once the civil ceremony is completed, then you may have the religious ceremony of your choice in your choice of hundreds of romantic locations.

If tying the knot in France has always been a fantasy of yours then let us help bring your storybook fantasy to life in the country of amour!