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Mrs Lynette & Mr. Luis Santos

Catholic Wedding in Paris

January 14th, 2006


Happy New Year!!! Luis and I are still on cloud nine!!! Words cannot express how grateful we are for you as our Wedding Planner!!!! You are truly a gem for all brides and grooms to be!!!!  You listened to all of our requests and made our dream wedding come true. Everyone told me it was like a “Fairy Tale.”  Not forgetting you unending patience with me throughout the planning periods….when I was down and giving up with my paper work, you gave me hope and reassured me to hang in there and made our dreams come true!!! Your guidance and expert eyes and ears surely made our Wedding memorable for us, our families and guests!!! Our parents are the most happiest and soon realized that it was the best choice we have made. They send you their heartfelt compliments.

We were completely knocked off our feet from the moment we saw our church.The church is breathtaking and absolutely gorgeous. Father Stroch was welcoming and made us feel like a valued member!  My family and guests were whooed by the beauty and tranquility of the church. For all of us it is the best church……..My parents’ fears were immediately diminished. My mom was thrilled by the beautiful altar piece!!!! Lou’s dad was impressed with the history of the church. All of our guests are inl ove with the church. We are still talking about the impression it left us………….

The mass is unforgettable and father’s sermon is a lifetime message for all. According to my aunt and all of the married couples his mass touched their lives and helped them to renew their faith and vows!!!  Father’s message to us will always be remembered….He made us feel so special on our Wedding Day! Words cannot express how grateful I am that he married us and made the time to do our ceremony in English. We feel very honored that he opened the doors to us….and allowed us to converse with God.

We are trilled about your planning…’s to perfection!!!!! You listened to all of our needs and made our dreams come true. Presently, Luis and I are so happy to reflect once again and share our joy with you. I can go on and on about our church and the Wedding Ceremony……the organist….we can still hear the music!!!! Wow……where did you get him from!!! He’s the best………We can still hear his music in my head………I still hmmmm the Ave Maria!!! I wished there was a recording of his music on my wedding day…..did he do it. I would love to purchase a copy. Do you think that may be possible?

The photography and the videographer were very patient and accommodating to us and our families……They captured each moment. I am trilled with the samples and can hardly wait to see the rest. By the way will the photographs be in color? We would like for them to be in color. Please let me know….I forgot what I ordered…..lots of excitements!!!!  Everyone said that they are experts and surely take their work seriously….they made us feel like famous people/movie stars. I still remembered how they bustled around and ahead of us to capture each treasured moment………Please give them my regards!!!! Let them know that we love and appreciate their time and work on our Wedding Day…they also made us feel so special!!!! It was so cold, yet they did not complained and encouraged Luis and I to capture our special moments as much as possible….they are truly passionate about their work and made us feel so special. We love their artistic nature……and can hardly wait to see our treasured memories! I have attended so many Weddings and have never seen photographers and videographers like ours. They are the best…please let them know that we are so grateful for all that they have done to make our day Special and memorable…they have the patience of a saint and worked so hard on that brutal cold day!!!!! We will always remember our 1st dance at the Opera which our videographer suggested we do….he’s truly and artist at heart…It was indeed our 1st dance. Such a delightful memory……….

The bus and the tour you gave us is memorable………You are the best!!!! Our families and us are so grateful for the tour and explanations you so willing gave to us. You are an expert at everything… you patience with my elder brother’s sense of humor!!!! You were also so accommodating to my grandma and niece who had to use the toilets…..You also have the patience of a saint and is very passionate about your work. You made each person feel so special and us extra special!!!!! I am so excited that we had you as our planner and no one else. Everything was perfect!!!  The tour was excellent, on the very next day our guests were sight seeing as much as possible……..You detailed planning and work left a remarkable impression of Paris with all of our guests!!!!! They are constantly whooing and complimenting Luis and I about our Wedding….my friends are sharing their experiences with my fellow colleagues……it makes me feel so special!!!! Each time I gave credits to you our “Wedding Planner” with a knack for making weddings a Fairy Tale………….!!! We know that if we were to do it on our own….it would have never been 25 % as beautiful as you did it……Caroline you are the best!!!! Thanks a million….your boss/ supervisor has an exemplary Wedding Planner!!!! I do hope that you continue to work in this field….you are a gift to all brides and grooms…You are the best!!! I have heard about nightmare wedding planners….but I can proudly say that ours was an Angel sent from heaven for us!!!!

Our reception also was the best…………..dinner and the cruise will always leave us longing for more of Paris.. It was a work of Art. My cake……wow left me speechless. Luis and I with our guests were trilled and whooed!!!!! Our cake came out with fireworks…!!!! I am so trilled about deciding to marry in Paris……..It’s the best city for Weddings….We had so much fun and are so thankful to you for making our day so special and memorable…Your detailed eyes and ears surely left us with a joy in our heart for life…..The love and care that you put into our Wedding will always be remembered and heartfelt…… was a FairyTale come true……..

I hope that we will be able to keep in touch with you….I must be honest, I do miss your emails about planning…Luis and I are looking forward to  visiting Paris in the Summer of 2007 for our honeymoon. Hopefully, we can keep in touch and meet up for dinner. If you come to NYC….please let us meet up for dinner…Luis and I would personally like to thank you.

With much love and appreciation,

Lynette and Luis



Jennifer Woods and John Beane

July 2005

Wedding in France - Ancient Abbey in Provence



The wedding was beautiful and everything went smoothly.  The celebrant was very good and so were the photographers.

The wine tasting tour was fantastic, too.  We really loved Provence and the wedding.  It was our favorite part of the whole honeymoon.  We also were in Spain for 1 week and on a Mediterranean cruise (Seabourne) for one week, but France was the best.  We'll be back!

You were great in organizing everything and getting back to us quickly.  We loved the Abbey as well as both hotels.  It was great!

Yes, you can use us as references. 

Thanks for everything!

Au revoir,

Jennifer and John :)



Beaulieu sur Mer, France June 19th 2005


The wedding was absoloutely perfect. There was really nothing that could of been improved upon on the day. The onsite coordinator was excellent. I spent around 30 minutes showing her what I wanted and when I returned from the church it was exactly as I had asked. Truly excellent.

The food itself was delicious, they had if anything brought too much! The service was efficient and polite without being overly formal, and they were very flexible and polite in responding to our requests.

The Dj was great. Played what was asked of him and again was very flexible on time etc.

The church and Vicar were excellent, very friendly and gave a beautiful service. And for a wedding night the hotel in Cap Estel is superb and very willing to help in any way they could.


The train we took between the church and reception. Everybody loved it and it really got people in the mood for the reception with an accordionist who sat on the back.

The photographer was truly superb. He was virtually invisible throughout the day but produced some magnificent informal photographs.

The florist were superb.

So all in all the wedding was an absolute dream.

Overall we had a fabulous day that really wouldn’t have been the same had it not been for your help.

Many thanks again

Kind Regards

Stephen Ainsley


Mr & Mrs David & Vicki Rabinowitz

Symbolic wedding in the Loire Valley - Luxury Chateau

February 14,2004


We had a wonderful time!  All of the vendors did a spendid job - showed up on time and gave first rate service.  I particularly liked the manicurist you arranged - my bride enjoyed a first class "French Manicure" in France!

The wedding you and I set up at the Chateau was a perfect location (although I had never seen it before the internet).  The food and service (and room) were excellent.

I would highly recommend future couples to emulate our itinerary, including the Hotel Trianon (and spa) in Versailles and the Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. 

Yes, you may use me as a reference.

Thanks so much for making our Dream Wedding in a Castle in France a reality.  Our best wishes for your success in the future.


Mr & Mrs David & Vicki Rabinowitz



Catholic Wedding in Paris

Ted and I just arrived home yesterday, and I just wanted to let you know how

pleased we were with our wedding. We really appreciated all of your efforts and really enjoyed working with you. The church was beautiful, and the people you contracted to participate (violinist, florist, photographers, mini-bus driver) were wonderful. Everyone who attended the wedding commented on how well it was organized and how smoothly everything went. We would highly recommend Euroevents and Travel to anyone else considering a wedding in France and would be happy to act as a reference. Thank you very much for all of your work. You truly helped make this an event that we will never forget.

Anne Elyse Hamm




Protestant Wedding in Gothic Church

Paris, France


We had a wonderful time!

The wedding went great! Everything was very smooth. Flowers were beautiful, photographer was very nice, the church is beautiful and the church staff are very helpful and friendly. I was very pleased with the wedding coordinator. I am sorry to say I forgot her name. Everyone was also very pleased with reception restaurant, Violon d'Ingres. I highly recommend that you use them again if you get the chance. The service was excellent and the food was amazing. It was also helpful that the manager spoke English very well, making things easier. The chef even gave us his autographed cookbook.

Thank you for all your help with our wedding. It was a beautiful, memorable day!

Emily Wells DiGiulio



Symbolic Wedding and Cruise in Paris, France



Everything was MAGICAL!  I could not have wished for a more perfect wedding!  You & your company did a phenomenal job…Thank you again for everything!  I so enjoyed meeting you!



Wedding in Paris with Elegant Reception in a Private Mansion

Just wanted you to know that everything went well last night.  We had a very nice time. Thank you for all your help in our day's planning.

Again thank you for everything.


Charlotte and Brian